I made a hairband outta my hair


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fan: if you could take any celebrity's phone, and they couldn't delete any apps or text messages who's would you take?
luke: calum doesn't ever let me touch his phone
luke: he's not a celebrity ... but ...
int: what's with your phone? you don't wanna give it to him?
calum: he always has quite like greasy hands
michael: i reckon it's some of the apps you've got on there
ashton: what do you got on there?
michael: i reckon you've got some weird apps like
michael: weather watching apps
calum: uh
michael: i know you have a ghost app
ashton: calum thought there was a ghost in his room so he downloaded an app
ashton: he's like
ashton: he's got the radar
ashton: so he's like walking around the house he's like
ashton: it's CLOSE


@Luke5SOS: Went into target the other day trying to sell people our album, cause everyone hates it haha 😁

Interviewer: You guys met in school originally, were you guys nice kids in school, or were you misbehaved?
Calum: Well, I think that I was quite a ni-
Ashton: You were nice.
Michael: You were a nice kid, Calum.
Luke: Calum's a nice boy.

July 23, 2014 - Los Angeles [HQ]



I made a hairband outta my hair

you look like Zoella from Youtube

I honestly don’t but you’re lovely.


Michael’s New Hair (x)

I’m numbah 1



i look miserable because i am

your face kinda makes me sad bc I need to touch it to make sure it’s real but I can’t


@Calum5SOS: My party trick +
Anonymous:it took me ages to figure out what your icon was I thought it was a fckin pimple but nope its calum's nipple jesus christ

let’s all tell calum that he has a pimple nipple hah

The Today Show - July 22, 2014 [HQ]

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