Anonymous:did it hurt?

The actual sticking the needle didn’t hurt, you just get major boob ache afterwards

I got my nipple pierced and I so want to show you but that would mean boob pic and I dunno whether I’m into that

Anonymous:what does your tat say? i love it!

'even broken wings can fly away' :) thank u!!! x


I never want to see him sad



I don’t think I’ve brushed my hair for three days


rip nipple icon

Anonymous:i would suggest: the mortal instruments series by cassandra clare? or the infernal devices series by cassandra clare? the maze runner series by james dashner? anything by john green? divergent trilogy by veronica roth? fallen, torment, passion, rapture (they are a series but i dont know what its called) by lauren kate? the host by stephenie meyer? anything by rick riordan (he does mythology stuff)? harry potter (if you havent read it yet) by jk rowling?

omfg, thank you !! That’s so many omg I love ya xxxx

I don’t think I’ve brushed my hair for three days

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Anonymous:what type of books do you like?

Anything really, I get into books quite easily. The only thing I don’t like is where the authors just fill it with unnecessarily long words just to sound intelligent

Anonymous:I'm not sure what types of books you like. But I read a good book and despite the title it's not some ridiculous teen love story. It's called why we broke up by Daniel handler

I’ll give it a go! Thank you so much xxx

they’re being played in tesco, they’ve made it in my book

we’re gonna be together forever now, nips till the end

 I wish that I could wake up with amnesia 
and forget about the stupid little things

If anyone has any book recommendations hit me up bc I’ve finished my latest lot

peachy 🍑

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